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Tunneling - Frequently Asked Questions

Tunneling is the oldest and undoubtedly the most recognizable from of trenchless technology. Whether by manual hand mining means or large scale mechanized operations, tunneling can be an effective solution for your project. Need a visual to help round out your understanding? Check out our Tunneling Gallery.

What is Tunneling?

Tunneling is the oldest and most familiar form of trenchless technology. There are several methods of tunneling, each suited for specific soils conditions and the method may be either manual (hand mine) or mechanical (TBM). Earth Boring offers solutions in both methods.

These installations are in-situ, the ground above is not removed and typically a circular cross section evolves in the construction. A liner is built or jacked into place as the material is mined out of the drive.

Without exception, a tunnel will not be successful without a comprehensive geo-technical report.

When is Tunneling the best Trenchless Solution?

Large diameter, long distance, extreme grade requirements are the typical components that would necessitate the use of a tunneling methodology.

What are the alternatives to Tunneling?

Tunnelling is generally a precisely prescribed solution. However, there are opportunities upon close review of actual ground/soil conditions, specification tolerances and right-of-way that may make other technologies. This can include, Auger Boring, Pipe Ramming and HDD.

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